Friday Fave: Podcasts -- Part 1

For over five years, I've been listening to podcasts--WHICH I LOVE. I assume your reaction to that is one of the following:
A) YES! What ones do you listen to?
B) Okay... I've heard of those.
C) A pod what???

If you answered A... Hello, my fellow podcast listener! I will share my favorites here in just a moment.
If you answered B... Granted, I've been listening to podcasts for awhile, but the time I spend listening has increased significantly over time. There is a HUGE world out there when it comes to podcasts, and I truly encourage you to give them a whirl! It's easier than ever to listen, so I'm giving you some suggestions next week!
If you answered C.... In the most simple words, podcasts are audio shows (like a talk radio show) you can listen to from anywhere at any time. There are numerous apps and websites you can listen through. There are seemingly infinite numbers of podcasts out there on all sorts of topics in all sorts of formats with all types of hosts! Check out my suggestions on how to listen below, and next week I'll tell you about my favorite shows, which you might decide to give one (or more) a try!

First, here are a few general podcast notes--purely at my suggestions. 

  • Fave App to Play Podcasts: Stitcher -- While I originally used iTunes and listened on my iPod back in the day, my phone is an Android, and Stitcher is the first app I used to listen on my phone--and I've used it since! If there's something better out there, I'm certainly welcome to suggestions, but Stitcher is my favorite!

  • How I Listen: 2x -- My dear friend Daphne (who is even more into podcasts than me) opened me to the world of changing the playback speed (which she does with Apple and I do with Stitcher). Essentially, you can change the setting to let you listen at a faster rate. I quickly got acclimated to 2x speed, which sounds weird to others when they get in my car. It's my favorite, because I can listen more quickly--and thus listen to more! (Read more about this here.)

  • Where I Listen: Zenon Car (my car) + working out -- My car is my favorite place to listen to podcasts and where I get probably 95% of my podcast listening in. It was previously reserved for lengthier drives, but in the past six months or year, I've had my car always go Bluetooth audio when turning on. (Fortunately, my car is a 2013 model; if you have an older car, you'd probably have to figure out an auxiliary cord, or something like that.) Even though my drive to and from work is only about 10-15 minutes each way, that's that much listening time I get in every day (plus any other drives)! I also enjoy listening when I work out; it gives me an audible distraction from the horror that is working out.

    • Honestly, this one is totally up to preference. Some people listen at home (opposed to TV, etc.). That really doesn't seem to work for me, unless I'm cleaning (maybe). Some people listen at work; I generally end up not listening and missing the content then. I know a lot of people cannot listen while working out. It just depends on what works for you!

  • Where I Find Podcasts: Everywhere! -- As I mentioned above, I'll be sharing my favorite shows next week, so that will be a start if you need some suggestions! However, I've found out about podcasts from all sorts of sources. My fellow podcast-listening friends have given me lots of recommendations. Some celebrities and personalities I was already fans of have podcasts, so that brought me to some of them. Many podcasts also have guests from other podcasts and/or will talk (or post on social media) about their favorites. Social media, websites, podcast apps, and more are just some of the other places you might find out about podcasts.

Clearly, I could talk about podcasts all day! Next week, I'll tell you more about my favorite shows! Again, the podcast world is huge, and I can only listen to so much, but I suppose you could say I'm attached with my favorites!

Happy listening!