And she's off...

I truly could not tell you how many times I have started blogs (or journals or diaries before that), only for them to last just about one post. I think my LiveJournal account is the longest running thing I ever wrote in consistently, with my current Yelp reviews coming in second. (Yelp reviews are essentially my blog posts about restaurants and other businesses, after all!)

That being said, I have been told time and time again, "You should start a blog." However, blogging takes work. Work I am not sure I necessarily want to put forward. While I think Facebook and whatnot are a little easier, I did come up with a name I liked some months ago. A name I sort of fell in love with.

I was thinking about a Britney Spears classic, Lucky. You know--"This is a story about a girl named Lucky," and, "She's so lucky; she's a star." (You're singing it now, right?) Then I took my beloved hometown: Louisville, KY. Lou, KY. LouKY. I'm so LouKY.

Back to the song... She's so LouKY.

So, we'll see what happens here. Whatever it is, I am so lucky and sooooo LouKY, so you can expect some of that.