Friday Fave: 1 Second Everyday

Projects requiring extreme consistency can be difficult for me, because... I don't keep up with them. (Haha.) Just over six months ago, I heard about a project I have consistently done. It's using an app called 1 Second Everyday (1SE). As 1SE claims, "Life is made of seconds." This app has a few functions, but the one I use prompts me to take a one second video every day. 

My goal is to make it through a year of using this app before watching my compilation. Thankfully, I have the app set to give me reminders, and I make it a point to make a one second video (or crop one second from a longer video) every. single. day. Some days it's me with family and/or friends. Some days it's at work. Some days it's me laying on the couch with a pet. It just depends, but I have enjoyed compiling the videos thus far. In about six months, I'll share my year with you all. (I started on January 7, 2017, so I'll reach my goal on January 6, 2018.)

Interested in 1SE? You can download it on the App Story or Google Play Store through their website. There are actually some other options/features in the app, but I have yet to mess around with them. I'm anxious to see your videos--and mine!

Pack Up + Go: Pre-Trip

I love to travel. While I truly believe there is no place like home, I absolutely adore getting out and exploring other places--with friends, with family, or even alone! 

For the past two summers, my friend Daphne and I have embarked on new (to us) cities. In summer 2015, we booked a trip the day before we left to Asheville, NC. It was my first time in a hostel, and we made our way around the adorable small city. Last year, we road tripped to Buffalo, NY for a night before spending the next day and night in Niagara (USA then Canada). Finally, we spent the bulk of our trip in Toronto--followed by a quick stop in Detroit on the way home!

We planned on taking another trip this summer, and we tossed around some ideas. However, on March 20, Daphne e-mailed me about something I had never heard of: Pack Up + Go. She told me to do my own research... and that's how this all began!

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Friday Fave: Happy Birthday

I'm back for my second Friday Fave! This one is what I like to call a favorite "fun fact". Hopefully most of my Louisvillians know this. If you don't, that's upsetting, but at least you're here to learn.

Did you know the song "Happy Birthday to You" was written right here in Louisville, Kentucky?! Even more fun, it was written less than a mile from where I grew up in the 40214 ZIP code. (Shout out to The One Four!!)

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And she's off...

I truly could not tell you how many times I have started blogs (or journals or diaries before that), only for them to last just about one post. I think my LiveJournal account is the longest running thing I ever wrote in consistently, with my current Yelp reviews coming in second. (Yelp reviews are essentially my blog posts about restaurants and other businesses, after all!)

That being said, I have been told time and time again, "You should start a blog." However, blogging takes work. Work I am not sure I necessarily want to put forward. While I think Facebook and whatnot are a little easier, I did come up with a name I liked some months ago. A name I sort of fell in love with.

I was thinking about a Britney Spears classic, Lucky. You know--"This is a story about a girl named Lucky," and, "She's so lucky; she's a star." (You're singing it now, right?) Then I took my beloved hometown: Louisville, KY. Lou, KY. LouKY. I'm so LouKY.

Back to the song... She's so LouKY.

So, we'll see what happens here. Whatever it is, I am so lucky and sooooo LouKY, so you can expect some of that.